Relatable is a way for you to connect different resources throughout a Shopify store. The data that links any two items together are stored on our servers and data is delivered to the shop via an AJAX request as JSON. The result is a fast and effective way to build out custom associations between products, collections, pages, and articles.


To get the app in your Shopify admin, install the app.

Click on the "Install" tab within the app, and paste the provided code into the head of your theme. This will include our JavaScript API to your store.

Place in Online Store > Themes > Edit HTML/CSS > Layout > theme.liquid. Paste somewhere before the closing head tag (</head>)


Associations determine what sort of resources you can relate. Based on the relationship you setup, your resources will have the ability to associate with one another. You can create associations within the app's sidebar menu. Once you've created an association, you can relate these resources together by clicking "Edit Relatable" from within the Shopify admin app dropdown menu. There are two types of associations:

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