Connect the dots in your Shopify store

With Relatable, you can stop using metadata, tags, and other hacks to group, nest, and relate things to other things. Relate items from within the app and link it up with your theme.

We Heart developers

We built this for developers and Shopify Partners.
Easily add templates that dynamically get the data you're after directly into the theme's liquid template or use our JavaScript API.


<div data-relatable="product.article" 
  {% raw %}
    <a href="/blogs/news/{{id}}">{{title}}</a>
  {% endraw %}  


Built for speed

We care about things being fast. Our API script is lightweight and resources are fetched a quickly as possible.


Upload files to things

Ever wanted to upload a file for a product, collection, page, or article? No more putting links into descriptions.
(coming soon)

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How much does it cost?

FREE for development shops!
$14.99 per month for standard shops.

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